Your old study books are worth money


Do you also have piles of study books in your room that you no longer use. You once needed them for an exam, but what do you actually do with all those study books? Do you let them dust in the corner or do you want to resell them and earn some money on it?

In my studies I collected a lot of study books. The selected textbooks often end up in the closet with the idea that they would someday come in handy. A cupboard full of textbooks is of course nice and interesting, but at some point cupboards protrude and some extra space would be nice. But just throw away textbooks… So I thought to myself, why wouldn’t I sell the books? I went to investigate.

Creating an online “store” is often a lengthy process. You have to create an ad and wait for someone to be interested. Creating the ad is time consuming and it’s just a matter of waiting for someone to find your “store”. So it is very understandable that you want to sell the textbooks immediately without any hassle. And Studystore’s service fits in perfectly with that. You immediately sell textbooks that you no longer need and it also yields a nice amount!

Selling your textbooks is very easy. You fill in the details of your study books on the website, after which you immediately know for how much your study books are bought. And I must say the simplicity surprised me. You can be ready in ten minutes. And best of all: you will receive money in your account within a week. By the way, they also have a Valuation app, which allows you to scan your books and immediately see the value. Even easier.

Do you also have textbooks that you no longer need and want to earn an extra penny? Then you should definitely not throw them away immediately. Then sell them through Studystore. And another plus: it is also sustainable.



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