Why it is healthy to have sex more often [3 reasons]


Not that you needed extra arguments, but sex also turns out to be very good for your health. In this article, you will read the 3 most important medical reasons for diving into bed with someone.

It is good for the male heart

And we don’t mean this figuratively. Sex is literally good for the functioning of the heart in men. This is evident from research by the National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan. Because of sex you lower the level of homocysteine ​​in your blood (which you can see as the little brother of cholesterol). The Taiwanese researchers also looked at the effect of sexual intercourse on the woman’s heart, but they could not find any positive effect there, in a literal sense then.

You don’t have to go to the gym anymore

What do you prefer? Pulling weights or ehh .. A good rubber sex is of course also just healthy exercise. You burn a lot of calories with it. Incidentally, there is on average some difference between men and women. The men burn 4.2 calories per minute, the women 3.1. That is still less than when you play football or running, for example, but every bit is included.

Perfect way to get rid of your stress

We wrote earlier that students suffer from stress and what better way to get rid of it than a nice sex. Research from a Scottish university also proves that getting into bed with your partner on a regular basis lowers blood pressure, a good indicator of stress reduction. Incidentally, you also achieve the same effect with cuddling or stroking your pet.


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