What is the best student city in the Netherlands?


Yes, you can also study in Alkmaar or Amersfoort. But they may not be the first options that come to mind. This is also evident from the National Student Survey, because these cities ended up at the bottom as a favorite student city. Where do we enjoy ourselves as a student? A top 5 in reverse order ..

# 5 Amsterdam

A bit of a strange duck in this list, because Amsterdam is often not seen as a “typical student city”. In the center you will encounter many tourists, expats and day trippers and students definitely do not prevail. The nightlife is not specifically aimed at students, and rooms are terribly expensive. On the other hand, it happens in Amsterdam. There are an incredible amount of festivals and cultural events.

# 4 Leiden

Just about the reverse of Amsterdam. In the stately old town center you will meet a lot of students, especially student associations. This is the place you want to go for traditional student life. The connection to the night network is also useful for students who like to go out in Rotterdam or Amsterdam.

# 3 Utrecht

“It is buzzing on all sides in the heart of the country,” folk singer Herman Berkien sang about his hometown. In Utrecht, too, the center is largely dominated by students. There are therefore an awful lot. You can choose from numerous study and student associations. The disadvantage is that the rooms – just like in Amsterdam – are scarce and expensive.

# 2 Nijmegen

But the best student cities are really outside the Randstad. Nijmegen, for example, has its own charm. Havana aan de Waal – as it is also sometimes jokingly called – also has a special appeal to somewhat left-wing students. Furthermore, life is a bit more relaxed than in the rushed Western cities.

# 1 Groningen

And yes .. how could it be otherwise .. nothing beats Groningen. In any case, not according to the participants in the National Student Survey 2019. They chose Groningen as the best student city in the Netherlands. Because many students come from far away, they often stay in the city on weekends instead of going back to their parents. This creates a special atmosphere. Just like the lack of closing times in the pub.


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