What effect does ‘smoking’ have on your night’s sleep?


Do you ever light up a joint before going to sleep? Then you are curious what effect this actually has on your night’s sleep. The University of Michigan has researched this. They had nearly a hundred subjects (both daily blowers, moderate blowers and non-blowers) keep a sleep diary for a longer period of time and kept track of their sleeping behavior via a sports watch.

Blowers sleep deeper

Let’s start with the good news: on average, the test subjects slept deeper after smoking than on other days. Moreover, according to the researchers, your mental state has a much greater influence on your sleeping behavior than smoking or not smoking.

Daily blowers more often suffer from insomnia

But the researchers also found something else: insomnia (insomnia) was much more common among the group of daily blowers. As many as 39% of the blowers had symptoms of clinical insomnia, which is almost twice the number of non-blowers.

Better night’s sleep for depressed blowers?

In test subjects dealing with anxiety or depression, there appeared to be no difference between the non-blowers and the blowers. This could indicate that cannabis helps you sleep during depression, while it works worse for people without depression.

Smoking can also cause depression

Then just light up a joint every time you feel bad? According to the addiction clinic Jellinek, that’s not really a good idea. The scientific findings about the link between cannabis and depression are mixed, but some of the studies seem to indicate that there is a link between long-term and intensive smoking and depression. Especially among younger users, cannabis use could be the cause of a later depression.


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