Unhealthy smoke


There is no legal prohibition, but terraces are often smoke-free. More and more entrepreneurs in the catering industry have not only made the interior compulsory non-smoking, but also the terrace. It is not mandatory, there is no legal smoking ban on terraces. Clean Air Nederland, an interest group for non-smokers, sees a rapid growth of smoke-free terraces.


If there is no or insufficient ventilation, the smoke will stop and adhere to everything in the house. This already happens when smoking a few cigarettes. The more smoking without ventilation, the faster the room turns into a smoking room. Gradually, tar, soot and nicotine cause yellowing.


The blown smoke air contains all kinds of dust. These particles stick to the chamber. It also contains carcinogenic substances. Once the fabrics are really bound to the walls, they are no longer harmful. Unless you still smell the smoke air very well and you are very sensitive to it.

Coffee beans

To get rid of the smoke smell, it works very well to place containers with ground coffee beans scattered throughout the house. That is more effective than air fresheners, because coffee beans neutralize. Walls and ceilings can be cleaned with soapy water with a splash of cleaning vinegar. You can remove the greasy deposits from smoking. Getting rid of the yellow color is difficult, especially on wallpaper. Soda sprinkling is effective on carpets. Leave the soda to soak in and vacuum up with a vacuum cleaner. Curtains have to go to the dry cleaner.


A smoke odor or nicotine odor is harmful to health. This smoke poses a health risk because some of the chemical constituents in the smoke are carcinogenic. The particles enter our body through inhalation and exposure to the skin. The smoke from a fireplace or other open fire is also harmful to health, because the smoke contains tiny soot particles. Soot is a substance that is released during incomplete combustion of fuels. In addition to carbon, these soot particles contain all kinds of chemicals, which make the smoke air irritating to your eyes, nose and respiratory system. For soot, too, the precipitated particles can remain in a room.

Smoke odor removal by Strooming.nl is done with an ozone treatment. It is a professional way to remove smoke odor because the odor is completely broken down. It is a thorough approach, but after the treatment the odor nuisance is guaranteed to disappear.


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