There is something above Groningen: the Randstad


The Northern provincial capital is extremely popular for studying. As many as 50,000 students find their way to Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen. But the city seems to have a much smaller appeal to young professionals without closing times: no less than 90% of graduates leave for other places in the Netherlands within a year of completing their studies.

Long live the Randstad?

The Randstad in particular is popular for young job seekers. All major companies are located there and, moreover, cities such as Utrecht and Amsterdam have a rich cultural (entertainment) life. The appeal, on the other hand, ensures that there is a killer competition on many starter vacancies. Once you have arrived at a company, there are often more career opportunities.

The salary for many jobs is also higher in the Randstad. However, you have to counter that the cost of living also costs considerably more. Often up to 30%. Consider, for example, travel costs, but also the overheated housing market in popular cities.

First look for a job in Groningen

According to many graduates, there are not enough opportunities for a good job in the North. The number of vacancies seems to contradict that. This may be because the majority of young people do not even look for a job in the Groningen region. Of course it depends on the sector, but for example in ICT there are plenty of job opportunities in the North. With the arrival of a large Google data center at Eemshaven, Groningen’s position as a knowledge city seems to be increasing.

Are you now studying in Groningen and will you soon be looking for a job? Then it can be a smart strategy to first look in the region. With a few years of experience, you can then grow locally or move to the Randstad, where it is then much easier to get a new position.


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