The sex life of students is not (always) a bed of roses


You probably know the clichés: wildly beautiful young people who are eager to experiment. At least that is what the media and promo videos for student associations want you to believe. The reality is of course a lot more unruly. Sex and students are not always a good combination. Where does it go wrong especially? And is that so bad? A few themes in a row:

Pain complaints in young women

According to sexologists, there are still quite a few taboos when it comes to sex. Also with students. For example, many young women suffer from pain during sex. Sometimes so bad that they completely abandon it. But they don’t really talk about it with friends.

Shame about masturbating

Studies show that a large majority of men and yet a significant minority of women masturbate. But we don’t talk about it. Unless you are called Thierry Baudet, who recently declared that he did not masturbate in a Flemish newspaper, because he wants to “save himself for his girlfriend”. An Amsterdam student then organized the Facebook action Masturbating against Thierry, which promptly 500 people sign up.

Lying through social pressure

There is a lot to do about the number of bed partners at student associations. You earn panda points for every week that you have not had sex. This unit of measurement assumes that students have sex quite often, but that is actually not the case. An average student has only three or four bed partners, but according to many male students, the number is considerably higher.

Dangerous virgins

What about students who don’t have an active sex life? Of course there are also. Sometimes because of a religious conviction or simply because they have not yet met “the one”. Nothing wrong with that of course. You don’t have to have sex.

A more extreme example are frustrated (mostly) men who want sex but can’t get it. Online, a subculture of men has already arisen that blames modern society – especially feminists. In Canada, one of the supporters of this Incel movement even committed a terrorist attack. Although there are no known examples of Incel attacks yet, sexologists say we should take into account the frustrations of this growing group of men.

But… we are actually quite satisfied

After all this questionable news, a boost: Dutch students are actually quite satisfied with their sex life. Women slightly more than men. According to a recent survey, they rate themselves 7.3. Men rate their sex life with a 7.1.


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