Study abroad: bring StuFi and / or Erasmus grant?


You hear it more often: going abroad for half a year for your studies. But why stick with such a short period? If you want, you can even follow your entire study abroad while retaining your student loan. Although that is of course not a decision in which you have to go ice overnight. These are the different options for spending your student time outside the Netherlands.

An Erasmus grant

The best-known option is perhaps the Erasmus grant. If you want to spend a while abroad during your studies at a Dutch HBO or university, you can apply for an Erasmus grant.

This fee is in addition to your normal student finance and amounts to € 150 to € 270 per month. How much you get depends on the country you are going to. For example, in Spain (because: cheaper) you get less budget than, for example, in Norway.

You can read exactly how the Erasmus scholarship works on the Nuffic website “WilWeg”.

Internship abroad

Another way to spend part of your studies abroad is to do an internship there. This again in the context of your studies in the Netherlands. Some courses even make an internship abroad compulsory! Depending on the direction you are studying, the internship company will pay you a higher or lower internship fee. In addition, you can again apply for an Erasmus grant through your study program! The monthly allowances range from € 270 to € 390 and are intended as a contribution towards travel costs and compensation for the additional accommodation costs.

Your entire study abroad

But the real adventurers do their entire study abroad. In many cases you can “take” your student grant with you to another country. Then you must meet the normal conditions for student finance and, moreover, the program you want to follow.

For MBO students, the choice is limited: in Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Flanders there are courses that you can do while retaining your student finance.

There are already more options for HBO and university students. But beware: you wouldn’t call every ‘university’ abroad in the Netherlands that way. Therefore, take a look at these evaluation criteria to check whether your intended study meets all the correct conditions.

Please note that you may not also receive foreign government support when you apply for Dutch student finance for a study abroad. You can read all conditions for taking stufi abroad on the DUO website.


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