Student association in Amsterdam, something for you?


Have you started a new course in Amsterdam? By becoming a member of a student association you will get to know many new people in a short time. In contrast to a study association, a student association is not affiliated with a specific study program, anyone can join it.


During the introduction week you will already come into contact with various associations that are looking for new members. Maybe something for you? You can opt for a study association, which belongs to a certain study program or faculty and is often non-binding in nature. In addition to study-related activities, there is also room for drinks. Are you mainly looking for parties and friends that you see several days a week? Then a student association could suit you better.


A student association often has a specific goal: usually to promote contacts between students and between students and former students, but it can also be a sport or a certain religion. In addition, there are differences in format, type of activities and amount of activities. Some associations are mixed, others only have students of the same sex. Most associations also have a club, this is a private building where a large part of the activities take place, where you can eat and drink.


It does not apply to all student associations, but often you have to go through a hazing or introduction time before you are admitted as a member. Wild stories often go around about extreme hazing where you have to do weird and dangerous things to become a member. There are undoubtedly associations where this is still applied, but in general hazing is fairly quiet. The main goal of hazing is to become familiar with the rules and customs of the student association. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to get to know your peers quickly.


Within the student association you usually have even smaller “sub-associations”, such as committees, year clubs and / or disputes. These are smaller in scale and organize more specific activities that are not accessible to everyone in the association. Conversely, activities organized by the association are accessible to every member.

Year club
A year club is a group of students at a student association who all joined in the same year. Year clubs are usually unmixed and have about five to fifteen members. These clubs often have a communal dinner or drinks every week. Year clubs are formed in a period of two weeks to six months after the introduction. After the training, a year club inauguration often takes place.

Not all student associations have the dispute as a structure. Moreover, not all disputes are part of an association: independent disputes also exist. These are in fact small student associations. The members of a fraternity come from different academic years and therefore have a vertical structure. A year club has a horizontal structure and therefore only members of the same year. Often you cannot just join a fraternity, but you have to be asked by the fraternity members.


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