Staying fit during your studies? Have a nice workout in Amsterdam!


Sport is good for you in many ways: it is a moment of relaxation, a training of your body and fitness and often also a social event. You do sports for fun and to be fit, good for body and mind. So allow plenty of time for movement in your busy schedule. In Amsterdam you have plenty of choice when it comes to sports!

Choose your sport

Not everyone is happy with weight lifting in the gym and dance lessons are not for everyone. Every athlete is unique. Think carefully about your goals and what you like. Do you mainly exercise to get a muscular body or is exercise more of a social matter for you?

There is a wide choice of sports that you can practice. Almost every student city has its own sports center with relatively low prices for students. In addition, you will find cheap gyms, but also centers where you can expect more group lessons and service for a slightly higher price. Learn about the possibilities and see what suits you best.


You can find a student association for many sports, which often involves a lot of fun. One association is more serious than the other, just as there are different teams and levels within the association. But with your team or team you always have a fixed group of friends and it is just fun to get together every week. A number of associations have their own accommodation where you can not only exercise, but also have a drink or other activity every week.

Where to start

If you’re taking the step to join a gym, your best bet is one do a trial lesson. During a trial lesson you can not only see if a lesson or training schedule suits you, but also taste the atmosphere. If you do not feel comfortable in the environment, your motivation will not increase quickly.

Once a member of a gym, you can ask a coach for guidance. He then guides you during the training and also ensures that you see that you are making progress. Moreover, he is a stick behind the door when you do not really feel like training, he is waiting for you after all. At an association or a team sport, your teammates ensure that you keep coming. Here you can also do a trial lesson and see if the sport suits you. Then you will have to train several times a week to get and stay on the right level.

Do you really have no idea what a suitable gym is? Then ask your fellow students where they train. Then you will also meet nice people during exercise!

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