Should or shouldn’t you call an MBO student a student?


Nothing not a student or (even worse) “participant”. MBO students will be officially named students from 2020. The bullet has been officially passed by the church now that the Ministry of Education has tackled after an action by MBO students at the beginning of this year. But what does it really matter?

Undervalue for MBO students (yes)

MBO students work just as hard as students at colleges or universities. They follow a multi-year course and will soon be a valuable addition to society. So why shouldn’t you call them a student? Moreover, what does it matter to change such a name? You do a lot of people a favor with it.

Missing all kinds of student discounts (yes)

An important reason to change the name is because MBO students can also use various student discounts. Nowadays, for example, many student bars and discotheques do not yet accept “students” from MBO. The same applies, for example, to cheap student health insurance and student discount at Spotify.

Companies determine their policy (not)

But .. of course you can change your policy from the government to how you call someone, companies still determine who gives them a discount and who does not. Maybe that “student bar” is simply not waiting for MBO students and Spotify does not have much interest in giving even more people a discount. At the most, they cosmetically change the name of their product. Instead of a student discount, it suddenly becomes a higher education discount or a HBO + discount.

The term “student” is subject to inflation

There are also some in the debate who believe that the term “student” is (still) worth less because of this change. Studying was once reserved for the elite and therefore you call practically every young learning person a student. They believe that you should set limits and that they are fine the way they are now. Jokingly (or: condescendingly, just how you look at it), many student associations already talk about “students” who follow a “course” when it comes to people at a college.

Mbo student, call it a good idea?

Do you think the name change is a good idea? Do you think it will actually make a big difference? Have we missed another important argument? Leave your opinion here in the comments!


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