Repair your bike at Recycle in de Stad and receive a 10% discount!


Broken bicycle? At Recycle we repair your bicycle with attention and craftsmanship. From a flat tire to major maintenance. We are proud to restore your bicycle and all that for a student price! Recycle’s bicycle repair shops are at home in many markets. At Recycle we repair all types and brands of bicycles, from city bicycles to racing bicycles. You can find us at various locations in Amsterdam.

Recycle in de Stad: As part of Recycle De Hallen, Recycle has three locations in the City: Amsterdam Southeast, at the Amstelstation and Sciencepark. We repair bicycles in these workshops. As a student you will receive a 10% discount at these locations on presentation of your student card.

Recycle De Hallen: In addition to bicycle repairs, Recycle De Hallen sells second-hand bicycles, but also recycled bicycles from restored old-timers. This location also sells new bicycles from special brands, including Roetz, Achielle and Tokyobikes. We also design special products from discarded bicycle parts, such as a desk lamp or a chandelier.

Social impact

Recycle is part of Roads. Roads has a number of social firms. Shops and companies where participants can do or reintegrate labor-related daytime activities. These social enterprises offer people with a psychological vulnerability daytime activities or a learning / work place, which gives them a chance to participate in society again. Roads believes in a society where no one is left out. By having your bicycle repaired at Recycle, you contribute to a social society.

Fast service and a loan bike

Flat tire or other minor repair? Bring your bicycle to our workshop for lectures or work. While your bicycle is being made, you can step on a free loan bicycle. Your repaired bicycle will be ready for you again at the agreed time! Does the bicycle repair take longer? For example because we have to order parts? Then we will tell you when you bring your bike. So you know in time if the repair will take a little longer.

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