Participate in a drug study? Things to know.


There are a lot of drug trials in the Netherlands that you can participate in. In a drug study, drugs are tested before they come on the market. During the study, participants are given a very low dose of the new drug. The researchers can, for example, detect possible side effects. If you participate in a drug study, there is a nice fee. A great way for students to earn some extras. However, there are still many uncertainties about this type of research. That is why you can read exactly what you need to know about a drug study here.

What happens during a drug study?

Exactly what the research looks like depends of course on the drug being investigated. Some studies only allow you to stay in the research center for one day, while other medicines may require you to stay longer than 10 days. Fortunately, there is plenty to do in the research center. There is fast WiFi and a whole entertainment package in the living room with computers, PlayStations 4 and TVs with Netflix. In the research center there is also room to study, so you can very well combine a drug research with your studies. During long examinations, trips are also regularly planned for the group. For example, you can go bowling or go to the cinema. So you have quite a bit of free time during the research, but you never get bored.

What do you get paid if you participate in a drug study?

You also earn nice pocket money with a drug study. The compensation is usually between € 121 and € 227 per day. You will receive an additional reimbursement for some examinations, such as an eye examination. In addition, your travel costs to and from the research center will be reimbursed. So if you no longer have a student public transport, the journey will still cost you nothing!

Is it dangerous to participate in a drug trial?

Before you participate in a drug study, you naturally want to know if there are any risks. After all, you don’t want to get sick yourself during the examination! Fortunately, you don’t have to worry much about that, because there are very strict rules for testing medicines in humans. All drug trials in the Netherlands are first examined by the Medical Ethics Review Committee. They ensure that new medicines are only administered to people if they have already been extensively tested and found to be safe for the next phase of research.

Can anyone participate in a drug trial?

Anyone who is healthy can participate in a drug study. For each study, they are often looking for a specific target group, such as men or women, smokers or non-smokers or people in different age categories. You may participate in a survey no more than 4 times a year.

Do you also want to participate in a drug study? Then check the PRA Health Sciences website in Groningen to see if there is a study that suits you.


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