Is the university obliged to offer healthier food?


Higher educated people eat a lot healthier than lower on average educated. But if you are at the average canteen in a university or college looks – frikandellen, cheese soufflés, greasy sandwiches – you would imagine may still be mistaken. Students at the University of Amsterdam has therefore started an action for healthier and cheaper eat on their training. Are they entitled to that?

Collected nearly 2,000 signatures

The initiative in Amsterdam comes from student party Stout. They want to in addition to healthier food, also likes sustainable and vegan options. That seems to because almost 2000 signatures have already been collected, according to Whether the offer is also drastic change remains the question. The different wishes of students seem to be in conflict with each other.

Sustainable, healthy, vegan and… cheap?

Because although you naturally have fantastic locally produced, super healthy and sustainable products in all canteens that is not necessarily the cheapest option. And the average student has not always the same amount to spend.

Nevertheless, Bert Zwiep, head of facilities at the University of Amsterdam, to accommodate students. He calls them to enjoy them via Enjoy Today express wishes for eating at the university. Also for example, the platform organizes a tasting on campus every choose new coffee for the following year.

Are students entitled to healthy, sustainable food?

In the meantime, online discussion is breaking up where students actually do justice finished. To what extent should an educational institution take care of healthy, sustainable or even vegan food?

On the one hand, healthy eating helps students perform better. In addition, sustainable and vegan food is good for the planet. On the other hand, you may wonder if taking care of lunches really is a core business of an educational institution. Can students with certain dietary requirements not just a packed lunch from home take?

And there are undoubtedly many more arguments to come up with. What do you think about healthy eating at university?


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