How @ease do you feel?


Sometimes it is not going well. You have started studying in a new city, but you do not really feel at home yet. Your studies are disappointing and put enormous pressure on you. Or you join an association, but you still feel lonely. And you’re probably the only one who feels this way …

Not so. A huge number of students struggle with this. There is enormous pressure to get the best out of it both in your studies and in your social life. But sometimes you just don’t feel OK. Then it can help to talk to someone. At @ease in Maastricht, Heerlen and Amsterdam you can just walk in: without an appointment, without a waiting list and, moreover, always free of charge. There is a team of young volunteers and professionals ready to listen to your story and (if necessary) help you find the right care outside @ease.

I have to get through another day

Thijs (not his real name) says: “I have never been a great planner. By the time I had to hand in my thesis, I no longer liked the stress. I no longer saw my fellow students because I had a study delay and no more lessons were given. My parents’ interest has always been minimal, with the low point that my mother did not know what my subject was two months before handing in. I had to do everything in my head and had no one to vent my heart with. After I heard that I needed to improve my thesis and failed my resits, a bad period started. I felt very alone. When the alarm went off, my first thought was, “I have to get through another day.” My body was so used to the stress that if I sat “quietly” at home to work on my thesis, I could no longer be relaxed. I had a high heart rate, slept badly and my appetite was reduced. It felt like my body was slowly shutting down. ”

What did the visit to @ease bring?

Thijs explains: “The three of us were in a room: an experienced volunteer, a student and me. I could tell everything that was on my heart. It is almost surreal that you can feel so much better after a good hour and a half conversation. I’ve been four times. In hindsight, I’m sure I was depressed. I was able to speak very well with my @ease volunteers about my feelings and thoughts, for which I am very grateful to them. They asked the right questions and showed a lot of understanding. ”

Feel free to come by!

Taking the first step to talk about your problems is quite difficult for most people. You don’t want or dare to bother your friends or you may be ashamed. Then it can be nice to talk to someone you don’t know and who doesn’t have any obligations. That is possible at @ease: very accessible, confidential and free!

Check for more information and our opening hours.


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