How do you reach students online, in a targeted and measurable way?

Are students your target group and would you like to reach them in a targeted and measurable way? Then you have come to the right place. We now have 20 years of experience and are able to reach hundreds of thousands of students every month, both online and offline and both nationally and regionally. We are by far the largest in the field of student media in the Netherlands and have many advertising opportunities. The question “how do you reach students?” will be answered by us.

Focused on conversion

We do this not only with content and banners on, but also with campaigns on and Our offline media, the Student Information Guide and the Student Chalk Poster, are also very interesting to use for advertisements. We can target student city, academic year and course of study. It just depends on what suits your marketing campaign and what your budget is. Everything is possible, from blog to content partner and from online banner to social media. Measurable, targeted and focused on conversion!

Why is participating with us interesting?

  • Wide range of students
  • Regional and rural
  • Online and offline
  • Focused on conversion
  • Measurable with an overview of the results afterwards
  • You can start your campaign at any time
  • Good references


Ask your studying children, nephews, nieces, etc. if they know, the SI guide and / or Stuvia, it will immediately become clear that your campaign will be seen through our channels. So nice to hear this from the student target group itself, right?


We are happy to visit you without obligation to discuss the possibilities, but of course we can also send information by email. In principle, the media cards and examples of success cases are immediately clear.

In addition to our own student media, we can also help you set up and buy campaigns that suit your student marketing strategy.

Also take a look at, where all our ways to advertise to students are described in detail.


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