How do you choose a driving school in Amsterdam?


A driving license means freedom: you can get everywhere easily, you are not dependent on anyone and you can go wherever you want. Of course you need a car for this. Before you can think about borrowing or purchasing a car, you really need the pink card. Why not take driving lessons in your new student city of Amsterdam?

Choose driving school

The wide range of driving schools makes it difficult to choose the right driving school. Not all driving schools offer the same quality. As a student you can use your money well, so it is wise to compare different driving schools in terms of price. Some schools offer special student discounts, or offer an exam guarantee package. Take the time to find out what suits you. Would you prefer your driver’s license now? Most driving schools offer a crash course, with which you can get your driving license in ten days.

You can also choose a driving school that tracks each student’s progress. This
can be done via a digital progress card (instruction card) or via a paper progress card. In this way, the driver training is built up in clear phases.

A good driving school for students in Amsterdam is Traffic School Caland. Their qualified instructors will guide you through your driving training quickly and efficiently.

Driver training in steps (RIS)

The Driver Training in Steps is a fairly new form of lessons that is becoming increasingly popular. That is not surprising, because the success rate is a lot higher than with a traditional training. The RIS works with a clear lesson structure and a student card on which all your progress is kept. This driver training is no more expensive and does not last longer than a regular driver training. So it does not hurt to choose whether they offer this form of lessons when choosing a driving course.

Theory exam

Before you can take the practical exam, you must first pass your theory exam. This exam consists of 25 questions about Hazard Recognition where you must have answered thirteen questions correctly, thirty questions about Traffic Rules and ten questions about Traffic Insight, where you have to answer 35 questions correctly. You must take this exam at the CBR. To prepare, it is best to buy a theory book with CD-ROM / USB, then you can already take practice exams at home. Also see if the driving school where you want to teach offers a theory course, this helps you to prepare well.

Interim test (TTT)

Are you almost ready to drive but are you nervous about the exam? Then you can choose to take an interim test. By doing this test you can get an exemption for the special operations during driving, such as the parking order, the stop order and the reversal order. You can also get used to the exam situation and you will receive feedback from the examiner.

Practical exam

Many young people dread the practical exam. However, it is important that you remain calm so that you appear confident in the car. The examiner assesses you on various things, such as inserting and removing and the special maneuvers. He also pays attention to your viewing behavior, whether you estimate traffic situations well and whether you take other people in traffic into account. It really does not have to be perfect, it is the big picture. During the exam you have to drive independently to a destination for about 15 minutes. This can be done with a navigation system, on the basis of a cluster assignment or to a point that you know or can see. Immediately after the exam you will hear whether you have passed.


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