Going out before you go to work


Getting up early, it often involves effort. Because let’s face it, every extra minute you can lie in bed counts. Now, of course, there are always those early birds who love to get up early. Personally, I really wonder what is so nice about this because what the hell are you doing so early in the morning?

I have now received an answer to that. And now you think, going out in the morning? Isn’t that just a night out? (We’ve all been there). No not at all! This is something completely new, because Daybreaker only opens at 6:30 in the morning. Immediately a good excuse to set your alarm clock a little earlier.

Do you want to start relaxed? Then you can do yoga for half an hour. Do you prefer to hit the rock right away and hit the dance floor? Then you can enjoy the coolest songs from half past six.

No alcohol

Dancing to these songs in the morning is almost like going out in the evening. The only difference is that no alcohol is served. This makes sense, because after the party everyone leaves for work (and of course you can’t get drunk there). Instead, you can get your morning off to a good start by finally consuming healthy juices and snacks. You know, that breakfast you normally don’t have time for.

The concept comes from America and is already very popular in New York. When Jochem van Hesse and Floris van der Linden heard about this, they decided to bring the event to the Netherlands. To make the event run as smoothly as possible, they first traveled to New York and copied all the details from the owners.

And do you still think “yes” but … nobody likes this? After a morning of dancing you don’t have any energy for the whole day, do you? ” Then you thought wrong! In New York, the early partygoers got more energy and shined all day long. Such an event is therefore useful to start your day (especially if you have a boring day job!).

Daybreaker thus creates a relaxed vibe that you can enjoy the rest of the day.


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