Free access to top 1000 eBooks


Parties, drinks, terraces … it just isn’t there. Then all focus on studying. Study online at home to earn those last few points, even if your school or university is closed. Do you like to study with eBooks? Then you are lucky this month. Studystore opens a new eBook library and offers all students of Dutch universities and colleges free access to six top titles from more than 1000 educational eBooks this entire month of April. You simply make your own selection.

Wide range

EBooks are gaining in popularity. You can use them wherever you want (although that will now mainly be at home), you can easily search them and – not wrong – you have cupboard space. The range is getting wider, so a nice addition to your study books! You will certainly find eBooks from the wide range of 1000 top titles that are useful for your studies. Sign up and take a look around the eBook library at

International cooperation

The eBook library is an initiative of Studystore and VitalSource. Together with the publishers they want to facilitate education as much as possible during the corona crisis. “We encourage all initiatives that help students and teachers with online education. This international collaboration of publishers helps colleges and universities to make study material as accessible as possible. We have the specialist knowledge and possibilities of digitization in-house to open up the eBook library to the Dutch market. We are happy to do that! ” Students can choose from a wide international selection from these eleven publishing houses: Pearson Education, Elsevier, Springer, Cambridge University Press, Cengage, MacMillan, McGrawHill, Sage, Taylor & Francis and Wiley.


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