Find a side job in Amsterdam


A lot changes after high school. You will study, get to know new people, have to get used to a different teaching method and chances are that you will also move. Unfortunately, not all of these changes are without financial consequences.


Your studies alone cost a lot of money every year: study costs, books, travel costs (if your public transport is not valid) and all kinds of extras that you do not count on in advance. Maybe your parents are the ones who take on these costs, but if you have to pay for it yourself, a side job is not an unnecessary luxury. After all, your student finance is not always sufficient to cover the costs. Moreover, a side job is the ideal way to raise money for the nice extras: a beer after a hard lecture or that extra pair of shoes without having to turn every dime.


A side job is usually not difficult to find. Amsterdam has all kinds of work areas in which students are deployed. Think of the catering industry, call centers, drivers, etc. Also take a look here for the highest paid side jobs as a student. Also consider volunteering, for example for the elderly.

Work areas are quite different from each other: both in terms of working hours and collective labor agreement and in terms of salary. Think in advance what is convenient for you: do you like to work during the day or rather in the evening and on weekends? Do you need many colleagues around you or do you prefer to work alone? When you have a clear overview of what you expect from a side job, you can search more specifically.

Minimum wage

If you are under 23 years old, you have the right to a minimum youth wage. This minimum wage protects you against underpayment by employers. The minimum amount of money you should earn depends on your age and the number of hours you work.

On you will find a handy tool to calculate your net wages based on your gross wages.


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