Experience culture in Breda, where should you go?


You will find the popular bars, the good shopping streets and the best restaurants in the city in no time. But do you also know where to go to soak up culture? Learn more about the many local cultural institutions of Breda, such as museums and theaters.


Culture has different disciplines. Young people often think that it is “drowsy” or not at all interesting to visit a museum or theater. Nothing is less true! There is plenty of choice from contemporary art or a historical exhibition. If you delve into it a little, you will see that there is also something for you to experience in the cultural field.


If you want to visit a museum, the possibilities in a big city are almost endless. You can choose a museum where you can mainly admire painting, but there are also many museums with contemporary art. This art is much more abstract and sometimes more difficult to put into words. Of course every work of art has a meaning and an underlying idea, but you are also free to let your own interpretation on it.

Some museums do not interact with the public. Here you can view the works on display at your own pace. At other museums it is the intention that you do something yourself. Take tests in the scientific field or play Old Dutch games, for example. Try a museum whose subject appeals to you and only judge after you’ve been there. It will not make you worse anyway and who knows, you may learn something that you can use at a later stage.


In the theater you can find everything: cabaret, music, opera and musical for example. In any case, an evening in the theater guarantees an evening of fun. Often it really feels like an evening out: you eat somewhere beforehand, put on nice clothes and are entertained for hours.

An evening of laughter with a good comedian is not only entertaining. These people often use current events for their jokes. It is therefore not surprising that discussions can arise after a show. However, a musical or opera will evoke completely different feelings in you. You can experience emotions that you did not expect in a performance. It is definitely worth a try! A cultural attitude is also stimulating for your general development. You unnoticed ask yourself questions about certain topics and thus form an opinion, or perhaps adjust an earlier opinion.

Culture is everywhere

You will find museums and theaters all over the country. Sometimes you also have to travel a long way to see a certain show. Fortunately, you have your student OV chip card for that! But also in your own city there are plenty of options for a nice afternoon or evening out.


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