Everything you need to know about public transport for students in Holland


When you start studying, a whole new world opens up to you. A world in which many things still need to be arranged. Have you ever thought about your new student public transport chip card, for example? Your student public transport chip card ensures that you can go for free to your studies by public transport (and work and parties and friends …). And let’s be honest, that you don’t have to pay for this yourself is secretly very nice. Because we are so nice, we have decided to list all the tips on how to arrange your student public transport chip card!

When are you entitled to a student travel product?

Normally, as a student you are entitled to a student public transport if you meet these three conditions:
– enrolled in a study program
– you take a full-time course
– you receive student finance

There are always exceptions. For example, if you are following an MBO course, you have to pay attention to a few extra rules: MBO students under 18 have been entitled to a student travel product since 2017, which is great news! But there are also a number of practical things that you need to know. What level you do in your MBO program also affects your student travel product. Do you do level 1 or 2? Then you are always entitled to the free travel product, so don’t worry! Do you do level 3 or 4? Then you are also entitled to the travel product. However, this is a ‘performance grant’ and you must obtain your diploma within 10 years, otherwise you will have to repay the travel costs.

Request student travel product

Okay, you are entitled to your student travel product! But how are you going to apply for it? We will guide you step by step through the process.

First of all, you apply for your student travel product here, you always do this via DUO. Before you can start your account at DUO, you need a DigiD. You can request it here. You will then receive a letter with your login details within 5 working days. Do not forget to link a personal public transport chip card to your DigiD afterwards. After this you can request your travel product.

Are you following an MBO course? In that case, you can also arrange to apply for your students while applying for your student grant, even if you are under 18.

If you are doing a college or university study, you arrange your students public transport online. You can also apply for student finance here, but keep in mind that this falls under the social loan system.

Travel on weekends or weekdays

If you go to rooms for your studies, you can opt for a weekend subscription. You then travel for free during the weekend and can choose to go to your parents; just to assure them that you are still alive. During the week you travel with a 40% discount. On Friday afternoon you can dump all the laundry at your mother’s place; the weekend public transport is valid from Friday noon to 4 a.m. on Monday, also very useful if you have a little too much to drink on Sunday night.

If you live at home, it is logical that you go for a weekday subscription; after all, you don’t want to pay even more for your studies. With this subscription you travel to your study for free from Monday to Friday. In addition, it is even valid until 4am on Saturday morning – ideal for a late night out on Friday! Missed a train? Then you travel on weekends with a 40% percent discount.

What can I use my student travel product for?

You have been able to apply for your public transport card after all the bureaucratic hassle and know when you can travel for free. Maarre …. Do you actually know when your public transport is not free?

It is best to go far with the student public transport. This way you can use your travel product for all trains, buses, trams, metros, local buses (with OV chip card equipment) and even water buses! So quite a mouthful. Unfortunately you have to pay for taxis, transport across the border such as the Thalys (no no free trip to Paris or London) and the night network of the bus (which is where your step evenings go).

When is my student travel product valid?

If you are enrolled in a study, your student travel product will start on 1 September. The travel product will then remain valid until the end of your studies. The rules around your public transport card will only be adjusted during holidays and during the summer holidays.

With a weekend subscription you travel for free during Liberation Day and Ascension Day. Also on Good Friday you can still travel for free after 12 noon and let’s not forget the other holidays: you can visit your family on these days until 4 pm. Good to know for students with a weekend ov: During the summer holidays, nothing changes to your subscription. You can still travel as much as you want during the weekend!

Too bad for those with a weekly subscription: during the summer holidays you travel with a discount. DUO always sends you an e-mail to remind you of this. Are you forgetful and never check your email? Then you can see here when you have to pay for traveling.

Lost student travel product

To be fair, it happens to even the best of us. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been out walking, traveling or missing in the washing machine; suddenly your public transport card is gone. Can happen, but don’t panic! Fortunately, the government has also thought of that.

So, after panicking your house completely upside down, it is time to really report your card as lost / stolen. Make sure you have really searched for your card, because after this you will be blocked immediately and it will no longer work. A bit of a shame if he later turns out to be in your pocket. You can easily do this via your OV-chipcard account or else by calling customer service. Then you request a replacement (personal!) Card which you will receive within a few working days. Super simple!

In the meantime, you can request a temporary public transport card online, so that you can still pay your rent that month. With a temporary student travel product you can travel for 7 days for free until your new public transport card is available.

Cancel my student travel product

Hippiejee! You have finished your studies, go abroad or have another reason why you have to cancel your students. Time to get this job done; you always have to cancel your student travel product. If you forget this, you will be rewarded with a fine of 194 euros per month, so quickly cancel your public transport card!

To cancel your card you have to go to an OV-chipcard machine (the same one you use to top up your travel balance). You scan your pass and press to stop the student travel product. To ensure that your student travel product has been stopped for public transport, you can always double check at DUO whether everything has worked out. Pay attention! If you cancel your student finance, you must do this at DUO.

And then it is really time to say goodbye to your life as a student. Welcome to working life!



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