Eating, drinking and going out in Wageningen


Student life is not all about lectures and diving into your books at home; nightlife beckons. Through your education or student association you get to know many new people with whom you can discover the nightlife of Wageningen.

Party every day

Almost all student cities have enough bars, bars and nice eateries to have an exciting nightlife. The best night out differs per city. However, with the right group of people, you can turn every day into a party.


Going out can be understood to mean several things: good food, a beer or dancing until the early hours. But you mainly go out to socialize with friends, study or roommates. It is also good for you: you can get rid of all the study stress, make nice contacts for your network and (usually) go home feeling satisfied.


When you eat out with some people, there are plenty of options: from low budget to luxury dining. At the table you will get to know your friends, study or housemates in a different way, and they will know you. By knowing better what is going on in them, you will notice that your band is also getting better. And that makes for even nicer dinners.

Not everyone has a bottomless wallet, after all you are a student. Therefore, make a choice in advance how much money you want to spend and look at the menu before entering a restaurant. This way you will not be faced with any surprises when the bill is presented. Often restaurants have a special student menu or cheap three-course menu.


A beer tastes about the same everywhere, but whether you have a nice evening depends partly on the pub and the music that is played. If you are affiliated with a student association, there is often a local pub where you can meet. Pub crawls are also sometimes organized from courses or associations. You can also take your friends in tow. Just step into a pub. Usually you do not have to pay entrance fees. If you are not having a good time, you will be right away! That way you will quickly find out where the best music is played and which people you can meet in which pub.


Just completely loose and dance until your feet hurt: it can be quite a relief after a busy period. A disco is also a good way to meet new people. The preliminary work is done. On the following pages you will find fun, popular or recommended entertainment venues.


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