Doctor with knowledge of students in Amsterdam


When you live in Amsterdam it is necessary that you register with a doctor in your new student city. How nice would it be if this is a GP who knows everything about students and where it is no problem that you move within Amsterdam during your student days.

Student doctors

The UvA and HvA have special student doctors, with a practice right in the center, near the Munt. Called today, an appointment tomorrow. They have evening consultation hours, you can request a repeat prescription via the internet and ask questions to the doctor by email. If you think of a bladder infection or perhaps an STD, you can walk in for a test or make an appointment via the internet.

The student doctors obviously know everything about contraception, STDs and study-related problems. In addition, tropical vaccinations via the student doctors are the most advantageous.

Looking for help?

If you are not feeling well, it is not so easy to seek help. You can read how fellow students have fared on the website

Health test

Do you want to know how your health is doing? Take a test on You receive immediate personal feedback and your health is then compared to that of other students.

Tropical vaccinations

You can also contact Student Doctors for tropical vaccinations. They are the cheapest in this. Look at You can also visit us if you already have another doctor.

Study stress

Study can be a lot of stress. Does it threaten to become too much and do you want advice? Take a look at for tips and advice.



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