Decorate your new home in Amsterdam for little money


Admit it; spending money is fun. After the salary has been deposited, one is standing eager to buy those sneaky sneakers and the other one takes some in the pub more expensive mixed drink instead of a beer. When you go to rooms in Amsterdam, it is so nice that you decorate the place cozy so that you really feel at home. But how do you do that without spending (too much) money? We give you the best tips and tricks!

Visit thrift stores

Check online where the thrift shops are in your area. You will be amazed at the good condition of many things that can be found there. The offer is often very wide; from sofas that cost less than € 100 to a vintage rug that still looks like new. Would you rather have new stuff? For example, you can find relatively cheap furniture and home accessories at Ikea and Leen Bakker.


You can negotiate the price at many stores and traders. You might not expect it, but it is definitely worth a try. You can negotiate for a better price or, for example, a discount on another product. Be friendly when negotiating; after all, you catch more flies with syrup than with vinegar. Preparing a budget You probably don’t feel like it, but if you set up a budget for yourself and keep track of your fixed costs, you know what you can spend without getting into trouble. Ask yourself what you really need. Do you want a new bed but still have your old bed? Then spend your money on a second-hand washing machine and save for a new bed in the near future.

Online search

Of course, the internet is a mecca for someone who plans to move. There is no limit to inspiration when you visit Pinterest, the social medium that suffices with photos and tips. Then of course there is Marktplaats, where you can (often) buy second-hand items for next to nothing. Tip: sort by price. You will see that the articles that appear at the top are often for sale for free or for a few cents. More interested in buying new expensive things with a discount? Go to a bidding website such as Here you will find new offers every day where the latest TVs go for half the price.


Do it yourself (DIY) is hot these days. Like the Nifty channel on Facebook and the craziest ideas pass by where you never came up before. Also on YouTube you will find a lot of tutorials where people show how you can, for example, turn an empty drink bottle into an attractive candlestick or vase (you already have enough with a thin string and some glue). So recycling is the keyword!

Photo credits: The Lightning Judge


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