Boom Chicago: Life is Better When You Laugh

Who couldn’t use a bit more laughter in their studies?


Boom Chicago, located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Jordaan, is known for its weekly comedy shows and top-tier improvisation courses. Home to a spectrum of performances and events, Boom Chicago is more than simply a comedy theater, as several pillars of the company hugely expand the range of experiences you may expect.

The comedy shows range from political and perfectly-tailored, to outrageous and completely improvised. And, they care about students! Or at least their wallets. Or their parents’ wallets? Buy your student ticket for any of the shows and enjoy paying less and laughing more!

The best thing about this comedy theater?

A night at Boom Chicago allows you to enjoy food and drinks while you watch the show, share with friends, and enjoy the cozy bar.

What does a week look like at Boom Chicago?
Monday through Wednesday and weekends: Boom Academy classes
Thursday through Sunday: Comedy shows and community nights

Check for the program and times.

The new shows playing this fall

Sitcom: hysterical new comedy show, a throwback to the 90s when any TV problem could be solved in half an hour… including the commercials.

Lock Him Up: A comedy show about the most important presidential election ever. (This time it’s really true!)

End the weekend at Boom Chicago

Another boring Sunday as a student in Amsterdam? Not with Boom Chicago! Boom Academy’s infamous community nights are packed with hilarious shows and sketches. Don’t fear to miss out AGAIN and have a whale of a time at these evenings created by and for Amsterdam’s comedy community.

Get footloose and fancy free at shows that will make you laugh yourself silly.

Boom Academy: Learn to Improvise, Be Spontaneous!

Do you want to upgrade your skills while studying? Join the Boom Academy! A variety of classes are offered including long-form improvisation classes, pitch training, presentation
courses, and InterActing, a program for young people with autism.

The sound of adding courses may be daunting, however these classes are not run-of-the-mill-teacher-talks-students-listen-type courses. A refreshing break from stress-inducing classes, Boom Chicago offers a program which seeks to push individuals out of their comfort zone and let loose. Gain confidence, make friends, become funnier, smarter and
more attractive!

While improvisation and comedy are often the main focus of the curriculum, Boom Chicago
emphasizes the importance of public-speaking through performance and presentation. From speaking skills to body language, instructors at Boom Chicago intertwine comedy into lessons that will give you skills for a lifetime.

Take advantage of being a student in Amsterdam; pay a little less and laugh a little harder.

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