Become a teacher, where do I start?


Always wanted to become a teacher? But don’t know how or where to start? No worries. There has been a teacher shortage for a number of years, so we are happy to help you on your way.

Primary education

If you want to become a primary school teacher, you have a lot of luck. In particular, there is a dire shortage of primary school teachers and this is only going to worsen over the next few years. So there is a good chance that you can get started quickly after completing the training.

To tackle the teacher shortage, the Cabinet is halving the tuition fees for the first two years of teacher training programs, including PABO. That will save you costs again!

A full-time course at the PABO lasts 4 years. During the third year you can specialize in teaching young children (4 to 8 years old) or older children (8 to 12 years old).

Secondary education

As a high school teacher, you may also experience a shortage. Especially in so-called deficiency subjects, the need for teachers is high – science subjects and modern foreign languages.

When can you then follow this teacher training? First of all, there is that distinction between first-grade and second-grade teachers. Let’s look at that first.

Second degree
If you obtain your second degree qualification, you can teach at pre-vocational secondary education, the lower secondary education of pre-university education and pre-university education and practical education.

You can obtain a second-degree qualification by following a higher professional education to become a teacher. For this you need a HAVO or VWO diploma or MBO level 4. This HBO program lasts 4 years and then you have second-degree competence. Have you already followed a bachelor’s degree (in your subject to be taught)? Then you can probably follow a head training, it only takes 1 year!

First degree
With a first degree qualification, you can, in addition to the classes of a second degree qualification, also teach at the upper secondary level of HAVO and VWO. This can be done in the following ways:

  • A HBO master as a continuation of the HBO bachelor to teacher. This master takes 2 years.
  • University teacher training at a university. Note: This is only possible if you have already obtained a university bachelor’s and master’s degree in your field. If you have not yet obtained a master’s degree, you can choose to follow a two-year teacher training.

Of course when you think of a job as a teacher you think of the many holidays, a good starter salary and a contribution to the future. After all, you have to want to teach children something if you want to become a teacher.

Pros and cons

No day as a teacher looks the same. Children and teenagers amaze you every day and you also learn from them. You are busy with people and you can transfer your profession to others with enthusiasm. Say it yourself, you probably have a few teachers in mind who made a positive impression on you in the past.

But there are also disadvantages. Remember that you will be dealing with a lot of review work, parent meetings, mentoring hours and few days off. There is no possibility to leave outside the big holidays and especially in the first two years you spend a lot of time making lesson plans.

What else?

It is not possible to put all information in 1 blog. Do you want more information or are you already a teacher? Take a look at, the largest portal for education, with vacancies up to teaching materials and news.


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