Back to zoom (school) discount at BALR


Back to school? You may want to postpone these thoughts for a while. It is always difficult to restart after the holidays, especially after such a corona-cation … To get you started, BALR takes it. out with a back-to-zoom discount. Get the school year off to a good start with new essentials.


It is undeniable that we live in a new world. We all have to adapt to this; online lessons and tests, face masks, etc. Of course it also has its advantages. This way you can listen to what the teacher has to say in your favorite jogging. And admit, we’ve never worn as many jogging suits as we did in 2020.;)


Now that we stay at home more often, it is even more important that we keep moving and exercising. Whether you go to your favorite yoga class, boxing class or prefer to do exercises at home, a new sports outfit is always the best motivation. With the BALR. F-series you can sport in style.


Use the discount code “BALRbacktozoom” and get a 15% discount on the site:


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