Arrange a doctor in Amsterdam on time


Headache from a big hangover or very tired after a stressful exam week? A matter of an aspirin and enough sleep, you will soon feel good again. However, you may also have something worse among the members. Therefore, make sure you can go to a GP near you. This is one of the first things you need to arrange when you move to Amsterdam.

Moving away

Moving usually also means looking for a new GP, even if you move within Amsterdam. When you move to another neighborhood that is out of the reach of the doctor, you sometimes have to switch. More and more GPs have a full practice.

General practitioner

A general practitioner must be able to visit a patient quickly if he is unable to come to the practice. That is why people often work with a postal code policy, in other words: only when you live within the postcode area can you go to that doctor. However, there is often an exception for students, because they rarely or never need a home visit. To be sure, call the doctor you have in mind before you register.

Do you have a new GP in mind? Then contact us by telephone to ask whether the GP is accepting new patients. If you decide to switch, you must inform your old doctor. He will then transfer your file to your new doctor. You do not have to inform your health insurer that you have a new doctor, they will do this for you in practice. If you have had a lot of contact with your old doctor, it can be difficult to bond with a new person. You can also request an introductory meeting in advance.

In Amsterdam you have special student doctors. They have an understanding of students, so it is handy to register there. It doesn’t matter which neighborhood you live in. See also our article about them.


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