Around the corona crisis, young people commit themselves en masse to vulnerable people in the city!


Many young people report to Hart voor Zwolle, because they would like to do something about the corona crisis. In recent days, they have linked many young people to a lonely Zwollenaar.

For example, yesterday students made a surprise package and delivered it to the elderly Smit couple. Their children live far away and cannot come by. They notice that social contact is decreasing considerably. The couple opens the door in amazement, the students stand a meter and a half away with a basket full of good food and drinks. They accept the package with a big smile. “A complete surprise, we are silent. How sweet that you think of us, thanks! ”

Annely, president, student association Absens Carens: “I hear from the students that they really enjoy sending encouraging cards, getting groceries, waving to an elderly person at the window or making a phone call. Everyone immediately to work.”

Daan, externus, Navigators Student Association Zwolle: “Students are helping this week with the move of an elderly lady to a nursing home. We do this according to the measures of the RIVM and pay extra attention. It is nice that she can still move in this way and receive proper care in the future. ”

What you can do

In these strange corona times it is strongly recommended not to visit other people. This is extra difficult for lonely people, because they feel seen by visits. To protect the health of vulnerable people, Hart voor Zwolle recommends stopping the visits for a while. Fortunately, what you can still do:

Make a call!
Some people don’t speak to anyone all day. And often don’t even have contacts to text with. It’s nice to be able to chat with someone who is calling.

Play a game!
Does your buddy have internet? Then it is a nice idea to play an online game together (eg Wordfeud or Ruzzle). Are you active with someone else!

Offer yourself as a shopping aid!
Some people can or do not dare to go out. Difficult if you actually have to do the shopping.

Send a ticket!
Whoever writes stays. Especially in such a period of silence it is nice when a friendly gesture falls on the doormat.

Cook a meal!
For many people it is intensely valuable to receive from another food. That really gives a feeling that others are looking after you!

Facetime, skype, duo or video calling with whatsapp!
Besides calling, it is of course even more fun if you can see someone in the picture!

And of course you can always stop by. Then just have a chat from the window, or wave happily. To also give most lonely people from Zwolle the feeling that they are being seen!

Does anyone need more help than you can provide? Do not feel burdened to call in Hart voor Zwolle, let them know via [email protected] or via 0620770629. Also check the website.

Fortunately, there are many people who want to be meaningful in this period!


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