A student room in Amsterdam, what should you pay attention to?


The time has come: you are going to study in Amsterdam. You have selected an education and educational institution and now it is time to embark on a new adventure: that of student life. Whether you live near your school or not, going to rooms is guaranteed to make your student life unforgettable.

Moving to Amsterdam

Do you not yet live in Amsterdam? By going to rooms you will quickly get to know new people. Student houses usually consist of several rooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The students who already live there often have had one or more years of study and can tell you exactly where to go.

Which neighbourhood?

Every city has neighborhoods and districts where you prefer and prefer not to live. If you are not from the city where you are going to study and want to move into a house here, it is useful to delve into the city in advance to determine which district and which neighborhood appeals to you the most. When choosing your own home, it is important that you feel comfortable there.

Usually you notice the moment you cross the threshold or the house appeals to you. Feel free to drive a few laps through different neighborhoods. You can often deduce from the state of the houses and the activity on the street how the atmosphere is in a neighborhood.

Type of house

There are several options for living on your own. First of all, you can choose to occupy a room in a house where more students live. This means that you generally have to share the bathroom and kitchen and there is usually no common living room. However, the cost of such a room is relatively low.

If you don’t want to share a bathroom and kitchen with others, you can also choose to find a home yourself. Usually these houses are offered through housing in the city concerned and the waiting lists are very long. The chance that you find something beautiful for yourself is therefore smaller. Moreover, the costs are relatively higher than if you only occupy a room.

To keep costs down and still create a “private” place, you can also decide to look for a house with one or more good friends. The advantage is that you already know each other, which makes it less difficult to share a kitchen and bathroom. At the same time, it can also be a disadvantage that you know each other: who knows, maybe that friend is very sloppy while you did not expect that or just overly neat.


If you want to live in rooms, you have to deal with roommates. You are not always just assigned a room. Chances are that you have to come by first so that the housemates can determine whether you as a person fit in with the other residents. When a room becomes available in a student house, the residents often determine who gets that room. As a newcomer, you can expect to be allocated the smallest room.


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