8 highest paid side jobs for students


Okay. If we ignore the drug dealer for a moment. What is the best-paid part-time job you can do as a student? And are they also nice jobs? In random order, we have made a list of well-paid jobs that you can do well next to your studies.

# 1 Private driver

As a private driver you transport important people to and from their destination. That can secretly pay quite well. Especially because you can do something else in the hours that you wait. It is also a great opportunity to meet interesting people. Alexander Pechtold also used to be a private driver and later left the famous penthouse.

# 2 Drug research

There are a lot of drug trials in the Netherlands that you can participate in. In a drug study, drugs are tested before they come on the market. If you participate in a drug study, there is a nice fee. A great way for students to earn some extras. However, there are still many uncertainties about this type of research. That is why you can read exactly what you need to know here.

# 3 Night porter

Like a private driver, night porter is a representative job. You need to know how to be professional and personable. For example as a night porter in a luxurious five-star hotel. Because you work at night, you often earn a little more than during the day. And at some night porter jobs you also have the opportunity to study in the quiet hours. It is of course difficult to combine if you have lectures in the morning.

# 4 Hostess or host

For openings or events, companies are often looking for representative hosts. If you know how to receive people with a smile, this job is definitely for you. You earn relatively well with it.

# 5 ICT assistance

There is a great lack of sufficient ICT knowledge. So if you are good with computers or have online skills, you have a greater chance of a well-paid side job. For example as specialized helpdesk employees or when giving ICT lessons to the elderly.

# 6 Logistics employee

Working in logistics may not be as glamorous as if you are a private driver or hostess, but you can make good money with it. Is that because of the exceptionally high hourly salary? Not necessarily, more the opportunity to make quite a few hours when it suits you!

# 7 Sales

The basic salary of sellers is often not very high. And when you hardly sell anything in the first week, you can be fired again (or your trial period will not be extended). But those who are good at sales (and not everyone knows this about themselves, so give it a try!) Often earn an amount far above all other student jobs on a commission basis. Think of 20-35 euros per hour.

# 8 Home care

A very different type of student will probably return to vacancies in (home) care. There is currently a great lack of suitable personnel and as help you can easily earn 15 euros per hour.

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