25 euro cashback discount for students at Lebara!

Patrick (24) never has a high telephone bill on the mat


Time passed quickly for business administration student Patrick (24). It was four years ago
for the first time in a lecture hall, now he puts the finishing touches on his
master’s thesis. From the start of his studies he has a Sim Only subscription
from Lebara. Enough calling minutes, fast internet and a low bill
money is left over for fun things.

Cheap subscription

“My subscription just ended when I started studying,” says Patrick. “My room was quite pricey and I hadn’t found a job yet, so I wanted to save on some things. Sim Only from Lebara is therefore perfect; for ten euros a month I have 5 GB of internet and 150 minutes of calling; for me that’s just enough. And I still had a smartphone that worked really well. ”

Stream in the subway

Patrick likes to stream on the way home in the metro or tram. A series on Netflix or something on YouTube or Twitch. “I enabled an extra option in the app for € 0.50 that doubles my internet speed to 150 Mbps. This is often even faster than the public WiFi. And Lebara is on KPN’s 4G network, so I never really have any problems with poor coverage. ”

Adjust quickly

“Sometimes I go through my data just a little faster, then I can choose more GBs in the MyLebara app very cheaply. When I recently went on vacation and spent less time online, I was able to lower my data bundle for free. When I got home, I put it back. You just don’t really have to worry about anything, you arrange everything yourself and really only pay for what you need. ”

Would you also like to make cheap calls, text messages and internet without any hassle?

Compose your subscription now at www.lebara.nl/sigids and do you choose Sim Only with a duration of 24 months? Then you will receive € 25 cashback as an extra! After placing your order, mail your name, mobile number and e-mail address with which you applied for the subscription to [email protected] and we will deposit the money into your account within one month.

This cashback promotion is valid until October 31, 2020 and only via www.lebara.nl/sigids.


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